Step 2: File Your Papers at Court

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After you have filled in all the information you need on your court forms, sign each one, and make 3 copies of the full set of forms. Take the original and all three copies of your court forms to the clerk's office.

Give all of your papers to the clerk. The clerk will stamp the forms to show that they have been filed. The court clerk will keep the original copy of each of your court forms, and give you back the three sets of copies you made.


Next: Get 3 More Forms

Make 3 copies of each form. Do not fill out these forms:

  • Answer to Temporary Restraining Order (Form DV-120) Opens new window
  • Restraining Order After Hearing (Form DV-130) Opens new window
  • Proof of Service (in Person) (Form DV-200) Opens new window

Add one set of blank forms to each of the sets of file-stamped (endorsedOpens new window forms. You should now have 3 sets of forms. Each set includes the 3 forms you have already completed, and the 3 new blank forms. 

Here is what the 3 sets of forms you have are for:

  • one copy of the forms is for you (the person who is seeking protection)
  • one copy of the forms is for the person who is being accused of abuse 
  • one copy of these forms is an extra just in case another copy gets lost.

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