Step 3: Give Other Party Copies of Your Forms

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Once you have filed your forms at the courthouse, you have to make sure that the person seeking protections (or his or her lawyer) gets a copy of each document. This is called "Service of Process."

It is very important that you make sure the other person gets their copy of the court forms in the right way.

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How to serve court forms:

There are two ways that copies of the documents you have filed with the court can be "served" Opens new window  (given to the person who is asking for protection.) These are:

  • A person over 18 who is not connected with the court case can give the forms to the other parent in person. This is called "personal service." Opens new window
  • A person over 18 who is not connected with the court case can mail the forms to the other parent. This is called "service by mail." Opens new window

Service of Process checklist:

What needs to be served?

  • A copy of all of the forms you filled out and filed with the court. (These would include your "Response" (Form DV-120), plus other forms as appropriate.)

Who needs to be served? 

  • The person seeking protection (or his or her attorney).

When do the papers need to be served? 

  • Before the court hearing.

What happens next?

The person who has the court forms served must file another form with the court that shows that the court forms were served on the right person, at the right time, in the right way.

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