Who else gets a copy of the Restraining Order?

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Law enforcement agencies will be given a copy of the Restraining Order After Hearing form.

  • DVPA Orders are also sent to a statewide agency where a registry of all Restraining Orders is kept. This is called CLETS (California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System).

Domestic Violence Protective Orders are enforceable in every state, territory, or Indian reservation.

Depending on the kinds of orders that the judge made, other parties may be given a copy of the order, including:

  • The landlord, if the protected person rents and the Order includes a residence exclusion;
  • Security officers at the protected person's residence or workplace;
  • Visitation supervisor if the order provides for supervised visitation;
  • The protected person's child's school or childcare provider;
  • The protected person's employer, if the order includes a Stay-Away-from-Work Order;
  • Financial institutions, if one of you has an Order to have use and control of an account at that financial institution;
  • Counseling agency, if either you or the protected person are Ordered to attend counseling;
  • Health care providers or insurance companies, if the Order requires the you to pay restitution directly to the protected person's health care provider or health or car insurance company; and
  • Others that are listed on, or are affected by, the court order.


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