If You Have Court Orders to Turn in or Sell Your Firearms

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If you are required to turn in or sell your firearms and ammunition, you can do
so at:

  • a local law enforcement agency, or at
  • a licensed gun dealership.

If you are planning to turn in or sell your guns and ammunition at either of these places, take the:

  • Proof of Firearms Turned in or Sold form (Form DV-800Opens new window with you.

  • To read an information sheet called "What to do With my Gun or Firearm?"
    (DV-800-INFO) in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese, click on the language you need:  

  • Ask the person you turned your guns or firearms and ammunition in to, to fill out portions of the form as appropriate.
  • This form should then be copied and filed with the court. For information about where to file in Contra Costa County, California, click here. Opens new window
  • Finally, the form is to be served on the protected person and a "Proof of Service" Opens new window form needs to be filed with the court, see the Proof of Service forms page.  


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