Prepare for Your Court Hearing

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If you decide to "Answer" the person who is seeking protection and go to court, it would be best if you spent time preparing for the hearing.

To prepare you may want to:

  • Talk with a domestic violence counselor, an attorney, or, if there are child support issues, with the Family Law Facilitator about the court process;
  • Go to the courthouse to watch other DV Restraining Order hearings;
  • Read all of the court forms about the case;
  • Consider alternatives, such as mediation.

Domestic violence counselors or attorneys can answer questions, or give out brochures, videotapes, or books that will help to explain Domestic Violence cases.

For information about who to call to get help preparing for a hearing in Contra Costa County, California,see the information page on this type of case in Contra Costa County.

To view a short video called “Tips on Going to Court”, click here. Opens new window

To read an information sheet called "Get Ready For the Court Hearing " (DV-520-INFO) in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese, click on the language you need:



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