Step 4: Tell the Court That You Have Served Your Forms

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To prove to the court that the person who is seeking protection has been served in the right way, the person who served these forms must fill one of the following forms and then give that form back to you.

  • For "Personal Service" - the person must fill out and sign one:

    • Proof of Service (In Person) (Form DV-200) Opens new window for each person served.
  • For "Service by Mail" - the person who mailed the forms must fill and and sign one:

    • Proof of Service by Mail (Form DV-250) Opens new window for each person served.


  • You must make one copy of each Proof of Service form and take these forms to the court clerk.  The clerk will file and stamp all the forms.  The court will keep the original of each form, and will give the copies of these forms back to you.
  • KEEP YOUR COPY OF EACH PROOF OF SERVICE IN A SAFE PLACE and take it to any court hearing that has been scheduled in this case.

To view a short video called “Service of Process”, click here. Opens new window

To read an information sheet called "What is 'Proof of Personal Service'?"(DV-200-INFO) in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese, click on the language you need:


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