Who Can "Serve" Court Papers?

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Court forms can be "served" by anyone over 18 years of age that is not involved in the case.

  • This may be a friend, relative, the county sheriff, or a professional process server.

If you hire a "professional process server" to serve the other party in the case, it will cost money.

  • It helps to give the process server a picture of the person you want served, and a list of times and places when it will be easier to find the person.
  • You might also try to find a process server who is close to where the person you want served lives or works, since a process server's fee is often based on how far he or she has to travel to serve your forms.
NOTE: If you cannot afford to pay to have your court papers served, you may file a Fee Waiver Application (Form FW-001) Opens new window with the court.
See the instructions Opens new window for this form.
  • The judge may waive your fee so that the sheriff or marshal will serve your papers
    for free.
  • If the person to be served is in jail, there is no fee to have the person served.




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